Play-Doh Air Clay Bonanza


By Creative Kids

Cultivate the skills of little artists with the play-doh air clay bonanza. Kids ages 4+ are given the chance to sculpt the next colorful masterpiece or experiment crafting a colorful creation with 15 beautiful vibrant hues of play-doh air dry clay. Five textures including colorful circular beads, shimmering stars, and vibrant sprinkles top off any creation to save and play for days to come. Accessorize a backpack or store a locker keepsake, play-doh air clay can easily go places.    Experiment, create, and preserve your most beautiful space creations with play-doh air clay bonanza. From colorful creatures to a rocket blasting off to the moon, kids ages 4+ can work on fine motor skills and grow their imaginations with 15 colors, 5 textures, and 5 sculpting tools.