Mega Race Car Carrier


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This giant hauler comes stocked with six unique cars and unlimited play possibilities! Lower the upper deck to let the fleet of race cars roll off of the truck and race around - kids will be building motor skills as they play. With a variety of colors, designs, and numbers on the sides, they'll naturally be sorting, sequencing, and grouping, as well, building important cognitive skills too. But ask any kid what's so great about this big truck full of race cars and they'll give you an even better answer: It's huge (2.5 feet when extended) and super cool!

Oversize wooden car carrier loaded with a fleet of wooden race cars.
Includes cab, trailer, and 6 numbered race cars in 6 unique designs.
Over 2.5 feet when extended
Double-decker trailer converts for easy loading and unloading.
Great for fine motor skills, gross motor skills, counting, color recognition, and narrative thinking.