Little Friends Dad Andreas with Removable Coat



Doctor Andreas looks forward to seeing his patients every day. Whether they are four legged furry friends or crawling around on all fours (at least until they can walk) Doctor Andreas treats each animal and everyone in the Little Friends world with care. This lovingly designed bendable doll inspires children to play all kinds of creative role play games.

  • Doctor Andreas wears jeans, red shoes and painted on glasses. His lab coat is removable allowing him to transform into a "regular guy".
  • Vet Andreas stands 4.5" tall, making him a head taller than the kids in the Little Friends family.
  • HABA Little Friends make great companions at the breakfast table, in the garden, sandbox or swimming pool.......anywhere the imagination takes them!
  • Little Friends figures are easy to clean, made from flexible soft plastic with metal wires inside. This gives children the freedom to move their arms and legs into different positions as they role play and act out their own stories.
  • Little Friends figures have flexible limbs and can stand on their own. However, they are not jointed and thus do not bend at the waist or hinge at the neck or shoulders. Combined with their adorable, childlike features, this makes them a unique and durable option for any 1/12 scale dollhouse.
  • Age: 3 Years and Up