Ditty Bird Sound Book: First 100 Animals


By Ditty Bird

Ditty Bird 100 Words Series is a unique, interactive book series with great sounds, fun facts & favorite children's songs. With colorful illustrations, kids love the wonderful world of Ditty Bird, friendly and full of details.It's time to meet 100 animals living in 12 different habitats.

-Pets (Sounds & Fun Facts)
-In the garden (Sounds & Fun Facts)
-On the farm (Sounds & Fun Facts)
-Baby animals (Sounds, Fun Facts & Song: Mary had a little lamb)
-In the jungle (Sounds, Fun Facts & Song: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe)
-In the desert (Sounds & Fun Facts)
-In the north & south poles (Sounds & Fun Facts)
-In the ocean(Sounds, Fun Facts & Song: Baby Shark)
-In the savanna (Sounds & Fun Facts)
-In Australia(Sounds & Fun Facts)
-In the forest(Sounds & Fun Facts)
-In South America(Sounds, Fun Facts, & Music: The Carnival of the Animals)

Each book requires 2 AAA (LR3) standard batteries. Batteries are included in the book.