Butterfly Craze Daisy Pillows

Get cozy for family game night with our versatile floor pillows. With two sizes to choose from - Large (35" diameter) and Medium (20" diameter) - you can mix and match to suit your seating needs. Create a lounge area with a single large pillow or add extra seating with two medium-sized pillows. The possibilities are endless, so why not bring a touch of comfort and relaxation to your den with these medium and giant floor pillows! Made from the finest microfiber fabric, it feels ultra-soft and smooth to the touch, like velvet. The plush material not only provides unbeatable comfort but also durability, ensuring that it retains its shape and luxury feel for years to come. Perfect for lounging on the floor, reading a book or just relaxing, this pillow is the ultimate addition to your home décor. Indulge in ultimate comfort and elevate your living space with this luxurious floor pillow cushion.