Baby Wrap Carrier- Black Stripe

Premium Baby Wrap Carrier is made with love and dedication, Keababies is committed to offering you a soft, easy-to-use, breathable and versatile wrap that will take your baby wearing to a whole new level of experience.

Endless Uses: Forward-Facing Baby Sling, Postpartum Belt, Breastfeeding Nursing Cover and Swaddle Blanket

Colic Relief: The constant light rocking of your body and your baby's upright position helps to expel wind naturally without any extra effort at all.

Little Learners: Your baby learns by watching your face and the way you speak, being in our super cozy wrap puts them in the 'Best Seat' to watch and learn from you up close.

Breastfeeding: The skin to skin contact releases love hormones which helps to boost your breastmilk production, and nurse undercover in public with your baby tucked in our snugly & breathable wrap.